The Hope House of Hospitality - About Us
 We welcome you to our web-site and appreciate the opportunity to share information with you.  Hope House is a Christian ministry that provides a "home away from home" for seriously ill outpatients.  Most of our guest have cancer and are referred to us by hospital oncology social workers.  Outpatients come from throughout the state to receive chemo and radiation therapy.  These treatments, in most cases can be completed in 6-8 weeks.  We had a guest who stayed with us "off and on" for five years.  Hope House provides lodging, food, laundry services and transportation at no cost to our guests.  The most important aspect of Hope House is the tender loving care they receive.  We make them feel like they are at home among family.  Here is what transpires with so many of our outpatients  They are getting a regular checkup or pay a visit to the doctor because of unusual pain or discomfort.  The doctor calls back and says "I need to talk to you, can you come to my office/  A normal day turns into the most traumatic event of their lives with the words "you have cancer and need to start treatments this week in Jackson".  This is a 150 mile one way trip!  They contemplate with fear being along in an unfamiliar big city for a 6-8 week period.  Going through this event is difficult enough without having to be concerned about the cost of a hotel room 4 nights a week for 6 or more weeks, food, laundry and transportation.  Can a person of medium income, much less one living on social security, afford the cost involved?   "What am I going to do"?  This is the burning question going through their minds.  Fortunately the hospitals are staffed with dedicated social workers that know about Hope House of Hospitality, a ministry that has served outpatients since 1985.  The fact of the matter is that even if our guests could afford hotels, meals, transportation, etc. they are much better off staying at Hope House.  All of our guests have something in common, cancer!  They have numerous questions and concerns that a fellow veteran guest or staff members can answer.  Normally, with 24 hours after arriving, bonds and friendships start to develop.  The guest take care of each other.  They enjoy the company of others going through the same difficult situation.  If they feel well enough, they enjoy helping with the meals or preparing "granny's" special recipe.  During summer months we've had some guests barbecue in the yard and tell their favorite stories. They take trips to the mall or store when in the mood  They laugh and cry together.  In some respects, they become like battle hardened army buddies. They watch our for one another, the operation room "battle scars" and loss of hair, become "badges of honor".  They create friendships that last long after the conflict with cancer is over and they can go home to be with their other family. 
Would you like to join the Hope House family by volunteering or sending us a donation?  Additionally we want you to know about a provision that cannot be measured in which you have now become a part through your giving.
You are not alone!  Your friends and family love you!  We are a part of your loving family!  God is with you and His love strengthens you!
 In Christian Service
Charles Kenny, Board President
Dennis Meek - CPA- VP
Alton Lewis-Treasurer
Mike French
Trudye Garraway
Earl Lawson
Dr.William McQuinn
Olivia Parks
Paige K. Stowe
Mitch Tyner

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